“In today's landscape, a product must gain the trust of its user before discussing retention or revenue. Teachers and students around the world, trust Cleu to connect private data and services, so they can start each morning focused and motivated. At Cleu, we extend our trust with the team at KIProtect, to add the security layer needed for a 21st century technology company.”

Uzair Hussain, Founder & CEO at Cleu

Automatic Compliance

Our privacy guarantees fit the highest standards and measurements of privacy loss. Our anonymization process provides immediate compliance for collected data under regulations like GDPR and HIPAA.

High Data Utility

We use state-of-the-art methods to improve data usability while still guaranteeing privacy. In addition, you can fine tune the level of privacy and information in your data streams, giving you control over your data and risk level.

Easy Integration

Our anonymization system uses several collection libraries and easy integration for any internet-enabled device. The anonymized aggregate data can be easily exported or consumed via API and integrations such as Apache Kafka and Google Firebase.